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If you want to know everything about Blazers for Men, you are here at the right place.The blazer is a jacket that comes to us on the other side of the sleeve, where the British calls it also the boating jacket. To describe exactly this garment, we can say that it is originally a crossover jacket that resembles that of a classic suit but usually has metal buttons and crest whose fabric is navy blue. This men's jacket has a chest pocket, two pockets with flaps and two side slits in the back. This is the classic Navy blazer for men we all know.The blazer goes back to the uniforms of the sailors of the fleet, who wore these short jackets in the nineteenth century. The nautical clubs of the British establishment then took up this model very popular in the navy. We understand better the name of boating jacket that can be translated by "jacket navigation".

How to choose a man's blazer and what are the important details?

If you want to choose a blazer for men with all the important elements that make up a beautiful blazer, you must find on your model all these details:
  • Two side slits
  • Gold metal buttons (often with badges)
  • Chest pocket
  • Two side pockets with flaps
  • A navy blue fabric
This is the perfect blazer for men, who perfectly respect the codes and history of the blazer.If you want a more modern blazer that you can wear every day with every possible look, we recommend you choose a non-crossed model, with classic buttons, a single button on two buttons and medium-sized lapels.Choosing a man's blazer fabric:When choosing your blazer, pay attention to the fabric that is being used. Select it carefully. Opt for a fabric of a big house. Choose a fabric that suits the season to wear. Cloth blazer too hot will not spend the summer for example. Everything depends on your use.The Details of a Men's Blazer: Also, pay attention to the details. Take the time to choose a model with a lapel width that you like, are you rather wide or thin? And with a manufacturing quality that is up to the price you invest in this room.For a beautiful blazer, we can expect to have open buttonholes to the sleeves to be able to turn his blazer sleeves Reinforcement seams in half-moons at the outer pockets and inner pockets of the jacket, or natural buttons. A full interlining is a plus for the lightness and durability of your jacket, but the price will necessarily be higher.Choose a blazer for men in color or with patch pockets:But now that you know the rules, you have the right to break them.You can choose a blazer of color that will not be Navy, like a beige blazer or even khaki. There are also beautiful blazers with patch pockets. It gives a more casual look that I love. It's the perfect jacket for a casual Friday at the office. And people also know it as casual coats for men in Pakistan.

How to Wear a Blazer for Man?

To properly wear your blazer, pay attention to several important details. First, you have to worry about the length of the blazer sleeves so that your shirt is well below and that the jacket does not crush your silhouette. Then you have to choose a length of blazer that is ideal. Let's see that together.

How to Choose the Length of his Blazer Sleeves?

If they are too short and if the rest of the jacket fits you perfectly, ask the seller if it is possible to recover fabric in the seam to lengthen them, it's not ideal, but it's possible.

How to Choose the Length of Your Blazer?

The length of your blazer jacket is also very important. Your jacket should fall between the middle and the bottom of your buttocks, but not lower or higher! It is a jacket that can be worn quite short, unlike other jackets for men or suit jackets. This is not a formal jacket contrary to what we can think.
When to Wear a Men's Blazer or a Men's Jacket?
The right time to wear this men's jacket is at a casual event but not too much! Or at a chic event, but not too much!The blazer is the jacket of Garden Parties and barbecues with friends or family, where it is important to dress well without doing too much.If you really want to break the dressed appearance of the blazer, it is possible to wear it with a white t-shirt underneath. It will tip the scales of your dress style to a casual look, but you do not want to look too dressed for the event you're going to.
What Look to Do With a Blazer for Men?
What to wear men's blazer:
  • Beige chinos + navy blazer + white shirt
  • White trousers + navy blue blazer + sky blue shirt
  • Lightly faded jeans + navy blue blazer + white t-shirt
  • Slightly faded jeans + navy blue blazer + navy knit crew neck sweater
  • Raw denim + white shirt + cream blazer
  • Gray pants + navy blazer + white shirt
You can also wear a t-shirt under a men's blazer, it gives a casual look.Wear a crew neck t-shirt under a men's blazer:If you want to wear a t-shirt under a blazer, we recommend you choose a round-neck t-shirt. We find that the rounded collar of the t-shirt forms a beautiful combination with the V of the closed blazer jacket. Choose a t-shirt always a lighter color than your blazer. Take a nice model of t-shirt with a collar well worked, not to have too big a gap between the sophisticated look of the blazer and a too low-end t-shirt.Select the best blazers for men from Online shopping Pakistan.The ideal is still to wear a white t-shirt under a navy blue jacket. It's the perfect wedding.Wear a Shirt Under a Blazer: the Classic Shot.It's obvious! A shirt perfectly complements a look with a jacket. To know how to wear a shirt under a jacket for men, it's pretty simple. Here are the important rules:
  • Wear a shirt lighter than your blazer.
  • Choose a shirt whose collar stays in place under the collar of your blazer.
  • Wear a shirt with or without a tie. If you do not wear a tie, make sure you have a collar that fits snugly, like a button-down collar, for example.
  • At the sleeves, have the sleeves of your shirt extend one centimeter.
Roll Up Blazer Sleeves:If you opt for a blazer with open buttonholes at the sleeves which is usually the case on a high-end men's blazer when you need to be able to show off your sleeves!To show off the sleeves of his men's blazer requires a bit of experience and habit.To know how to put on your jacket sleeves it is enough:
  • To fully open the buttonholes
  • To make a single fold only
  • To pull on your sleeve from the top of the forearm,
Wear a Men's Blazer with a Sleeveless Vest:We wear very often a sleeveless vest end of this brand under our blazers to add an extra degree of protection when it's cold. It's really efficient and very stylish.The specificity of these sleeveless jackets lies in the fact that the down contained inside fits perfectly in place while the seams are vertical. These sleeveless vests defy the laws of gravity.If you are looking for casual coats online shopping, you can buy the best among wide range of blazers for men. Hope this guide really helped you to choose the best Blazers for Men! 
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Olive Twill Structured Blazer

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