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Check Shirt

One of the fastest increasing platform in Pakistan is e-commerce. Daily, more and more brands are shifting towards online shopping as more and more people are getting access to computers, mobile phones and internet. Online shopping in Pakistan is very easy and saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to wait in lines and roam around the market for hours now. There are many online websites that allows you to buy things and delivers to you in the minimum possible time. But with our online shopping portal, things have been easier as we’ve very easy to use website that everyone can get familiar with very easily and won’t have to browse through the whole website to get to know it. You can buy clothes, watches and everything that you’d like to wear for yourself from our website. One of the most sold out product online is shirts. Be it for men, or for women, shirts are one thing that many brands invest heavily on because people like to wear them. Especially if you are talking about check shirts which look pretty cool and can be worn in any occasion or at any place. Men are choosier when it comes to shirts and they like to wear only the best thing with best quality. We bring you check shirts from all over the world with different brands that offer different check style, different colors and many things. You can choose any shirt you like and can order it and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. You can also look for the fitting that you like, the type of shirt you wear, or the size you want. With us, shopping online in Pakistan is very easy and it won’t take much of your time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the material, because we’ve only got best quality shirts from all over the world and for us customer satisfaction and comfort is the priority. We’ve also got a custom filter menu for people who want to get a specific product and don’t want to look all over the website for just one thing. You can filter down the size of the shirt, the style of the shirt you are looking for, the price range, the check style, the fitting of the shirt, and even the style of cuffs that you’d like to wear. As our target is to engage more population of Pakistan into online shopping, we’ve also got brands that offer shirts of all price range so that no one misses out on latest trend and everyone gets to wear the latest thing. You can filter down your price range also and narrow down the options that you are looking for so that you don’t waste much time. Also, in case if you get anything wrongly delivered or you don’t like the quality of the product, you can always ask for an exchange or refund from the retailor through our website and we’ll make sure that your problem get resolves on urgent basis and you don’t have to wait for very long.

Types and Material of Check Shirt

You can look for formal Shirts Pakistan on our online website and get them delivered to your door steps. You can also shop for formal Shirts in Pakistan through our online portal. Check shirts are getting very common these days, and we’ve got variety of check shirts from all over the world in our online catalogue. We’ve got Tartan Plaid that consists of vertical and horizontal stripes crossing each other to form uneven checks. They are best suited for more casual settings. We’ve also got madras that is a pattern originated in the southern city of Madras, India. It is typically considered a summer fabric style that is distinguished by a pattern of colorful checks and strips. You can wear them in preppy or casual events during summer. The most common type of check shirts is known as Gingham. It is a checked pattern shirt that is distinguished by what are typically white and colored even sized checks. This pattern is formed by horizontal and vertical stripes, typically of the same color, that cross each other on a white background to form a checkered design. They are the most common one and can be worn in variety of settings, both formal and casual. Another type of check is known as shepherd check which is a pattern consisting of alternating colored stripes crossing each other to form a checkered pattern, set against a twill weave backdrop. They look very similar to Gingham pattern, but what sets them apart is the twill background unlike the white one in Gingham. This pattern is perfect for a formal, work setting. Another most common check design is known as Houndstooth. It has got its name from Hound’s tooth because of the broken, uneven and pointed lines. They are traditionally black and white but with new trends, they are available in more colors that you can choose from. The traditional black and white variant of houndstooth is best suited for the workplace, where as other color variations are best suited for more informal settings. Windowpane consists of relatively thin stripes crossing each other to form a large checkered pattern, resembling the patterns of pane on a window. Given the two tones, conservative color schemes of windowpane shirts, they are considered appropriate attire for the workplace. All of our shirts are made from high quality cotton which is extracted from high quality yarn and they are kept in check with the use of latest high-tech equipment. One thing where our shirts stand out from rest of the market is the quality, and all of the brands that we have, are offering shirts with the best quality which are 100% lab tested and the material is of extremely high quality. The fabric used in most of the material is made keeping in mind the temperature of Pakistan, so that the person wearing the shirt, don’t feel too hot and can enjoy the weather as well as the comfort of the shirt.


You can shop online with us 24/7 and we will try to deliver you your product within the minimum possible time. We’ve also got a custom shirt feature for our customers who’d like to wear a custom check shirt with some embroidery on it or with a custom size, also known as tailor-made shirt. You can also get special promotions and discounts from some of the top-notch brands by shopping online with us. Some of the retailors we are working with gives special discount to those people who buys shirts in bulk quantity. In case, you don’t like the product that you ordered, or if there is wrong product delivered, then you can always contact us through the customer support for your problems and queries. We’ve got a whole department that deals with these things and they want to ensure that all your problems are heard. You can also ask for an exchange, or a refund in case you don’t like the product or if there was some problem. In case of exchange, you won’t be charged anything if you select the new product of the same value as the previous one. We hope that shopping online with us is a good experience for you and that you come here again!