Dobby Shirts

We are covered with technology all over the world. People of all ages, be it kids, adults, or old people, all of us are somehow connected to technology and electronics. And with this increase in technology, people have now started a new era of e-commerce so that you can get all you want with a simple touch and you won’t have to roam all around the markets and waste hours of just looking for one single shirt. We also bring you our online portal where you can do online shopping for every type of shirt you are looking for, be it formal shirt, plain shirt, textured shirt or even dobby shirt. You won’t have to know roam around market for looking for dobby shirts of some specific brands, as we have brands from all over the world offering thousand different varieties of dobby shirt that you can find by using our online portal. You can surf and browse our website using your mobile phone, laptop, or PC and all you have to do is connect it to internet via Wi-Fi, mobile internet or ethernet. You can also pre-order some of the brand items that are not currently available, but are going to be launched very soon so that you don’t miss out on anything new that you are waiting for. We’ve got all brands and all kind of dobby shirts that are currently available throughout the world. You can even look for the color that you want, the fitting that suits you the most, the texture that you want, and even the type of cuffs you are looking for. All this can be done with a single touch, and as our first priority is that our customer feels comfortable with what they are wearing, we provide you with the best quality material that is available and we don’t want to compromise your comfort while wearing. Online shopping in Pakistan has been never been so easy with us. You can even narrow down the product list by selecting the customize filter and look specifically what you want. You can filter out the size you are looking for, the price range that suits you, the type of material you are looking at, the fitting that will suit you the most, the color of the shirt, the style and texture of the shirt, cuffs that you like the most while wearing a shirt, you can even select for short, three-quarter, or long sleeves for the shirt. As we want to engage more and more people into online shopping, we provide you with all kinds of price range so that no one misses out on wearing the best quality shirts and everyone can wear the best dobby shirts available in the market. Dobby shirts are getting more and more common these days, so we have all the best available dobby shirts from all over the world in our online catalogue and you can choose any of them. Most people feared that what they are getting will not be up to the standards or that online shopping is a fraud. Well, we’ve got you covered for that also as all of the retailors that are partners with us are 100% originals and we only show product from verified retailors. You can also ask for a refund or exchange in case you don’t like the product you ordered or you don’t get what you ordered. We want to make sure that our customers get the best thing and they don’t get disheartened by using our online website. We try to deliver you the best formal shirts Pakistan and that you keep using our services to order more thing from us!

Information and Type of Dobby Shirts

Dobby shirts are made from a type of cotton that is woven and produced on the dobby loam. It is characterized by small geometric patterns and extra texture in the cloth. Polo shirts are usually made with dobby and are one kind of dobby shirt that people wear commonly these days. Dobby is made on a special machine known as a dobby loom. These looms have been around a long time, first appearing in 1843. They are a floor standing loom that uses something called a dobby. Dobby fabric can use a variety of fine fabrics to weave with and result in fine materials. When used in dress shirts, the result is a fabric that has a slightly raised weave rather than smooth finish of some weaves. This results in the product of dobby shirts that many people commonly wear today and you can find them in our online catalogue from almost all major brands. One advantage of wearing dobby shirts is that they are less susceptible to wrinkles. This is due to their textured nature and cotton pique is also particularly high on this list. All the dobby fabric used by our retailors or the brands we’ve listed are 100% certified and they are of high quality. We want to ensure that whatever you wear, you wear it for long term and that it doesn’t wear off. Also, the fabric is lab tested and if it does not pass the quality standard, then the material is rejected. The yarn that we use to produce cotton is of high quality and is extracted from high maintenance plantation which is kept in check with latest technology so that it does not get damage. You can always trust us with the quality of the shirt because this is one area where we don’t want to compromise with our customers as quality comes over quantity any day. If you don’t like the material, or if there is any problem with the material, you can always let us know and we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Complains and custom orders

Many people from all over the Pakistan prefer tailor-made shirts because they like to wear customize fitting. Well, in that case, we’ve got something special for you. We’ve got some top-notch brands from all over the world that can provide you with customize fitting and you can order special orders also. You can also ask for special embroidery on your shirt with different cuff style on your shirt. For special orders, you can first place an order and then request what you want and one of our representative will call you to confirm your order and will ask for further details. By using your online website, you can also avail special discount and promotions from some of the top brands that you like. As many of the brands and retailors are shifting towards e-commerce, they offer special discount on products that you order online so that you can use their services more. Some of our brand partners also gives discount on bulk orders for wholesale marketers. In case you have any problem regarding our website or with dobby shirts, you can contact us through our customer support or call us on our number. We’ve got a whole department of people who take cares of customer complaints and we try to make sure that we resolve your issue as soon as possible and don’t keep you waiting for too long. Also, you can contact us for issues like refund or exchange in case you are not happy with the product that you ask for, or if you get anything wrong delivered to you. In case of exchange, you won’t be charged anything if you select the new product of the same price. We hope that online shopping with us will be a good experience for you!