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Waistcoats for Men Pakistan

Waistcoats are not particularly popular right now. In many stores you will find a large number of models of jackets, shirts, pants - but not a single waistcoat. In some books on men's clothing, waistcoats are not mentioned at all. However, this is not a reason to refuse this piece of clothing: waistcoats can complement a jacket well or even serve as a replacement for a jacket.

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In summer in Pakistan, the waistcoat is a good alternative to a jacket due to greater lightness and the absence of sleeves. Of course, there are also very light and cool summer jackets, but they are much more expensive. And one does not always want to get by with one shirt, if only because the tie with her looks too lonely and boring.In winter, the waistcoat will become an additional “layer” in your clothes, that is, it will both warm you and decorate and complement the entire ensemble as a whole - if it is correctly chosen, of course.

Knitted or woven or cotton? From Brumano you get all now

Ideally, of course, in the wardrobe of a lover of classic clothing should be woven and knitted waistcoats. If a classic is not something you like, then you hardly need traditional woven waistcoats; a pair of knitwear will be enough.Professional designers say that knitted waistcoats that are worn over the head or with buttons look informal, but unexpectedly stylish. In general, you should not be afraid of knitted waistcoats - they can be combined with suits, unpaired trousers and jackets, if they are made of fine wool. Bulk-knit waistcoats can only be worn by themselves.

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Detached jackets are made from white cotton-dive. They are very official and worn only with a tailcoat - and this means that 99.99% of men will never have a reason to wear such a waistcoat. That is why dress jackets are extremely rare for sale; they are usually sewn to order with a tailcoat.Waistcoats for business cards - another “endangered” (alas) item of men's wardrobe - can be sewn from different fabrics and are single-breasted or double-breasted. However, if you do not have a business card, then you should not worry about it; business cards are also practically not found in stores of ready-made clothes and they are also usually sewn to order.Of course, there are still cotton waistcoats on the down or padding polyester, but, in fact, these are jackets, so this article will not discuss them.
  • Woven Waistcoat Design
  • Unstructured (relatively speaking) - without beadwork / gaskets, the lightest models for summer
  • Fused - with glue, when thin matter is firmly glued to the main fabric;
Of course, canvassed waistcoats are preferable to “glued”. Unstructured waistcoats are a good choice for summer, but they look informal.
Materials including denim From Brumano
Wool is probably the most popular option for both woven and knitted waistcoats. If we are talking about knitwear, then, other things being equal, it is necessary to choose waistcoats of merino wool (merino wool) or at least lamb’s wool - however, one does not exclude the other and the best is the wool of merino wool.If you talk about woolen fabrics, then you should not choose too thin options that quickly wear out and begin to shine, it is better not to go above the super 150s, and in winter you can choose a thick enough waistcoat from coarse fabric, for example, from tweed.Wool fabrics and 2-ply wool knitwear (made from double-twisted yarns) last longer and are more durable. Cashmere is more expensive than ordinary wool, but at the same time it is very delicate and delicate. Other things being equal, 2-ply and 3-ply cashmere should be preferred, but it is very expensive. Single torsion cashmere fabrics may look beautiful, but their lifespan is short.
  • Denimis a very versatile material for waistcoats, but suede waistcoats are expensive. In addition, they require careful and diligent care. It is worth giving denim waistcoats only in the checked dry-cleaners, nonprofessional cleaning can spoil a suede thing forever.
  • The waistcoat from smooth skin serves for a long time (if the skin is good), it acquires a special charm with age, but it is impossible to wear it in a business and even more official setting. In addition, this waistcoat is not for everyone.
  • Cotton is a very popular inexpensive material for both woven and knitted waistcoats. As a rule, cotton fabrics are crumpled more than wool and they are not so warm. However, thin wool also does not warm in cold weather.
  • Lyon is a fine choice for summer, but it is much wrinkled.
Silk is an expensive material; brumano waistcoats from it are rare. Silk is not practical and in the case of waistcoats you can look pretty pretentious, especially when it comes to bright colors. Matte fabrics without strong gloss and bright modulations, made of a mixture of wool and silk, are more universal.Polyester is the cheapest material, but also the worst. Yes, polyester is practical, but often looks cheap and, moreover, does not differ in breathability and hygiene, can cause allergies.Garment-Dyed - cotton (and sometimes others) waistcoats can be painted after sewing, which gives them a more original look; on such things there are noticeable light play of color.
Lining Textures from Brumano
Knitted waistcoats do not equip with lining, but on brumano woven waistcoats there can be a lining from:
  • Polyester is a cheap material that usually looks cheap and does not allow air to pass through. It is not recommended.
  • Cotton is a natural material that “breathes” and can look beautiful.
  • Buttons
  • Like jackets, waistcoat buttons can be:
  • Plastic
  • Horny
  • Mother of pearl
  • Leather
Of course, pearl buttons look more beautiful than plastic; in the case of horn buttons, the difference in aesthetic properties is not so obvious, but in any case, buttons made of horn, leather, mother-of-pearl are signs of a better and more expensive product. Cheap plastic buttons look bad; but modern plastic can be very cute, and sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the horns.It is good if the buttons are sewn on the “leg” - this way they will stay stronger and fasten more conveniently.Remember that the bottom button of the waistcoatis not customary to button up. Many people also unfasten the top button or the bottom two, but how nice it looks depends on the design of the waistcoat and on the other things that you are wearing at the moment.Shopping for Single or double breasted Brumano Waistcoat?Single-breasted waistcoats are much more often double-breasted and more versatile. "Double-breasted" is a sign of the official thing, but, for example, when shopping some designer opt for double-breasted waistcoats cannot be called not only official, but even strict. Jackets for tails and business cards can be both single-breasted and double-breasted. All other waistcoats are safer to be single breasted, so to speak.Colors and patterns of waistcoatsIf you wear a waistcoat by itself, without a jacket, then you should pay attention to the patterned and colored models (or on a model with a colored lining, as in the photo below); if you wear a waistcoat with a jacket, and, even with a tie (or even a breast scarf), a solid model or (less often) a striped one will be a reliable choice. You should not choose a waistcoat to match the suit or jacket - exactly the tone you are unlikely to get and get ugly. Better to create a contrast.Of course, for shopping waistcoats the most reliable color options are different shades of blue, gray and brown. However, waistcoats of sand, mustard, blue, pink and even purple colors can look cute. Much depends on your shirts, ties and jackets: be sure to think before you buy, with what items of your wardrobe you can combine the waistcoat that you like.A few words must be said about how to choose the right best. First, it must sit on you perfectly and be fit. Interestingly the classic vest that you are used to wearing with a suit can act as an effective element of casual or evening style. You can wear it with a t-shirt or a shirt.
Blue Light Weight Structured Waistcoat Brumano PakistanBlue Light Weight Structured Waistcoat

Blue Light Weight Structured Waistcoat

Rs. 3,488
Golden Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanGolden Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Golden Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,830
Pink & Black Dobby Structured Waistcoat Brumano PakistanPink & Black Dobby Structured Waistcoat

Pink & Black Dobby Structured Waistcoat

Rs. 4,830
Light Green Structured Waistcoat Brumano PakistanLight Green Structured Waistcoat

Light Green Structured Waistcoat

Rs. 4,830
Burgundy & Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanBurgundy & Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Burgundy & Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Rusty Orange Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanRusty Orange Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rusty Orange Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Golden & Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanGolden & Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Golden & Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Blue Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanBlue Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Blue Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanBlack Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Black Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Maroon Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanMaroon Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Maroon Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Green Floral Patterned Waistcoat Brumano PakistanGreen Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Green Floral Patterned Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508
Dark Grey Melange Waistcoat Brumano PakistanDark Grey Melange Waistcoat

Dark Grey Melange Waistcoat

Rs. 4,508